Friday, 23 January 2009

Crewe Land Marks

A selection of pictures of Crewes land marks some you may not have thought of and some are obvious. In an ever changing Crewe Its hard to think of Land marks as a lot have long since gone.

Not one that would spring to mind but as its so unusual its one a lot of people stop and watch and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. The Globe is in the undertakers in Badger Ave take a look when you next pass that way
The main square must but one main land mark with the council offices and now the War Memorial and its now the second center of Crewe
The clock tower in Queens park which has survived all these years and a true land mark
I bet you have never seen this even though you have past it many times situated on the council building only visible from the market or road
Rail House as it was dominates your arrival into Crewe by road from the M6 or by Train
The Boar war statue again in the Queens Park everyone must have walked past this at some point but very few stop and look what its all about
Big Bill has been around for a long time and will probably be demolished when the new town center is built. It was supposed to be Crewes answer to Big Ben
Again I bet you never notice this again on the top of the council offices it stands out for miles and reminds us we were once a major Railway Town

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  1. It used to be good in the cafe on the bus station and on the square in the punk days when we hung at a record shop,and go to the ASLEF n drank in the Crown those were the days :)