Saturday, 31 January 2009

Charity Shops in Crewe

We have a few charity shops in Crewe and not only do you help the charity by using these shops but you get a bargain as well. Next time you are going to throw out some old stuff think about taking it to one of the charity shops and help everyone out

Debra Charity shop next to Smiths by Asda

British Heart Foundation opposite Jessops and they will soon open a new shop opposite Asda in the old pound shop

Arthritis Research Campaign next to the chip shop in Queens Way

Oxfam across the road from ARC shop

YMCA shop a large shop but often missed at the back of the bus station but lots of goods including TV and High Fi

Hope House a charity for children which has suffered break ins just before Xmas

Cancer Research in Market St

Finally Help the Aged also in Market St

Thursday, 29 January 2009

A walk around Crewe

Open spaces and places to walk your dog are getting few and far between as more houses are built. This is a walk around Crewe taking in some of the best places to enjoy a taste of the country or walk your dog.
Taking pictures of empty fields is that simple but I have tried to make the photos interesting
We start at Tipkinder the home of the Skate Park and BMX track and used for the fair there are 2 fields the bottom one shown here is often very wet if there has been rain but there is a good path

Often missed is the shaded walk in the mini wood down by the stream which runs through Tipkinder and can lead to Collins St

Going past the Queens Park and around the back past the golf Club we come to the Georges Playing fields as wide area with goal post in the winter and often used to fly model planes

You can walk across the golf coarse and there is a path that takes you as far as the Rising Sun with woods and a stream.

Coming around to West St and off Hulme St there is a big field at the back of Bentley which a lot of people dont know about

This takes us to Minshull New Rd and the new path across the field being built that will take you to town it has a stream and a play area and the paths are nearly finished

Cross over the road to Brooklands Grove and you come onto the path that goes at the back of Badger Ave

This brings us to Broad St Field now with a path across it leading to the Cemetery

At the end of Market St turn under the Cumberland bridge and there is an another field with goal post leading by the railway

Down Henry St at there is the play ground in Queens st near the Telephone exchange

Over the bridge in Earle St and on the left there is a small walk by the railway to Sydney good for train spotting

Macon way and there is a large picnic are with a childs play area which as you can see often get flooded

Finally if you like a good walk
The South Cheshire ramblers group were in Crewe Library with a stall on Saturday as part of a general fitness show. The group organizes walk from very simple short walks to expeditions that require a level of fitness and the right equipment. So no matter what your needs they should have a walk that will suit you. get out in the fresh air and enjoy the country side at the same time helping you to keep slim and healthy.
One of the RA's primary objectives is to protect public rights of way, especially footpaths, and to encourage their use.

For all queries please contact the group secretary

Frank Jones
2 Rose Cottage
Willbank Lane

Telephone: 01270 524564
Their web site is

Friday, 23 January 2009

Crewe Land Marks

A selection of pictures of Crewes land marks some you may not have thought of and some are obvious. In an ever changing Crewe Its hard to think of Land marks as a lot have long since gone.

Not one that would spring to mind but as its so unusual its one a lot of people stop and watch and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. The Globe is in the undertakers in Badger Ave take a look when you next pass that way
The main square must but one main land mark with the council offices and now the War Memorial and its now the second center of Crewe
The clock tower in Queens park which has survived all these years and a true land mark
I bet you have never seen this even though you have past it many times situated on the council building only visible from the market or road
Rail House as it was dominates your arrival into Crewe by road from the M6 or by Train
The Boar war statue again in the Queens Park everyone must have walked past this at some point but very few stop and look what its all about
Big Bill has been around for a long time and will probably be demolished when the new town center is built. It was supposed to be Crewes answer to Big Ben
Again I bet you never notice this again on the top of the council offices it stands out for miles and reminds us we were once a major Railway Town

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

Some of the sites going to wreck and ruin in Crewe. These are sites that have been around for a long time and were once very buzzy.

High St once the hive of activity with the Chronicle Office which has been there main office for as long as I can remember now moved into the town. The rest of the street is deserted with the old shoe repair shop next door gone along with the bed center and the garage at the bottom of the street. Even the Guardian has now deserted us and Bygots once a solicitors has long since moved on

The old Electricity offices in Electricity St and thats going back 40+ years it later became a paint suppliers but now in rack and ruin

Finally old Bosson and Doug this again seems to have been there fore ever and was once a great record shop also selling musical instruments from Hightown

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Churchs in Crewe

I thought I would take and record the churches of Crewe but in doing so realized how few there are left in Crewe. Many that are left are now used for something else other than worship like Hightown which is now a charity

St Barnabas Church West St

The church is by Floor to Go corner of Queens St

The most famous and most used I suspect is the main Catholic Church near Hightown recently repaired
Probably the one that no one ever notices is Christadelphian Hall opposite the dress shop near High St and its the least know but a fine old building that has survived
St Stephens Church in Gainsbough Road another one that has been there a longtime
The West St Church which is very successful with a book shop and cafe all well used
St Michaels in Broad St with its own cemetery
The Church on the corner of Nelson St
The New Testament Church of God in Stewart St a small church which I thought was part of All Saints
All Saints the most modern church in Stewart St
Hightown church now used as a charity

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Crewe Town Center

Christ Church Next to the library

The Old Technical College on Hightown now a new bock of flats. This college was very popular for many years with the old Castle St down the side of it

The car park in the center of town showing the Police Station and Christ Church in the distance

Delemere House once the main council offices due to be demolished in the new town center

The railway wheels by Asda a reminder that once Crewe was a major railway town and most people worked in Crewe Works
Tesco taken from the foot bridge across the main road showing Tesco and the Heritage center

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Crewe Library

Crewe Library Next to the Law Courts and Police Station. The Library has full Internet access for users and a reference section. Its still not as good as the old one which was next door in the old days