Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Churchs in Crewe

I thought I would take and record the churches of Crewe but in doing so realized how few there are left in Crewe. Many that are left are now used for something else other than worship like Hightown which is now a charity

St Barnabas Church West St

The church is by Floor to Go corner of Queens St

The most famous and most used I suspect is the main Catholic Church near Hightown recently repaired
Probably the one that no one ever notices is Christadelphian Hall opposite the dress shop near High St and its the least know but a fine old building that has survived
St Stephens Church in Gainsbough Road another one that has been there a longtime
The West St Church which is very successful with a book shop and cafe all well used
St Michaels in Broad St with its own cemetery
The Church on the corner of Nelson St
The New Testament Church of God in Stewart St a small church which I thought was part of All Saints
All Saints the most modern church in Stewart St
Hightown church now used as a charity

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